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Hey, Sandip here,

Thanks for checking out my blog, you’ve come to the right place if you are looking for a comprehensive review of Mind Reality, which is written by non other than motivational expert Enoch Tan.

First and foremost, I just want to clarify I will be giving you an restricted unbiased and honest review of Enoch Tan’s Mind Reality – Secrets of the Universe guide.  What you are about to read are the ESSENTIAL details you need before grabbing a copy of the guide yourself.

It is completely difference from ANYTHING you have ever read in this field. Enoch reallyMind Reality Scam stands out from all those self help expert out there, his methods are very different, yet are backed with logically proven reasoning which separates his from the crowd.

Law of Attraction – Mind Reality in Action

The traditional society as we see today is collapsing and people are moving towards new age philosophies. ‘Mind Reality’ from Enoch Tan covers almost every facet of winning in life. It is a very distinct program in the sense that it covers topics pertaining to almost every program out there, and then adds some more. The reality you create after learning the secrets from this guide is a great self-fulfillment tool.

This program will apply to “anyone”. Its probably the most versatile self help guide set I have every bought in a long while. Regardless what age, sex, religion you are, after this program you will take something away that you can apply in your life.

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Overall, what do you think?

The entire package is quite extensive and is priced affordable at US $29.95. If you are not satisfied with the information provided, you will be refunded the entire amount without any questions asked. Even more amazing is the fact that, you can gain access to the entire site for just $1 for 10 days. You can cancel the offer before 10 days if you don’t like the information.

Mind Reality Scam it is not- know as the SELF HELP BIBLE is a  program in my eyes is the best non fluff guide on exactly how to turn your life around in all areas. Enoch, the author boasts an impressive background of over many years as a professional expert ( and yes it truly does deliver).


Mind Reality Scam

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A Personal Story on Mind Reality – A True Story



Reality Creation Secrets

Mind set can be summed up with the following and that is What you Think Becomes Your Reality. Now this sounds very easy but the reality is somewhat hard to implement.  I will show you clear steps that you can follow so that you too can think your thoughts into reality.  I will also show you how to strengthen your belief system and easy steps you can do on a daily basis.

I must share that I have turned my life around with these simple to implement tools and if I can do it, then you too can do the same.  This is a journey and I want you to enjoy and not get attached to your end results.

Sam’s Life

Now, how do we do this? Let me first share with you, the life of someone who has not had it easy.  This person is Sam, and he has gone through the following over the last 20 years:

1)      He was involved in a car accident at the age of 11.  He got run over whilst crossing a zebra crossing (this is a designated place for pedestrians to cross the road)

2)      He left school at the age of 16 without any qualifications

3)      He started work for an insurance company in the claims department aged 19 and was in the same position for 6 years without any promotion

4)      He was married at the age of 24 and then got divorced after two years

5)      He then re-married and had two children

6)      His younger daughter was diagnosed with Acute Leukaemia at the age of 5

7)      Four years ago his business suffered due to the world wide economy and now owes the bank some £1.3million

8)      His wife was a franchisee and due to the daughters’ health, has taken a £210,000 loss

9)      He now has bailiffs at his door virtually on a weekly basis

Now, as you can imagine Sam would seem to have been dealt a poor hand in life and has suffered the most harsh situations.  Any one of the above on its own is difficult and a challenge for anybody to have gone through.

Let me tell you this, Sam, has been reading about mind set and how to implement this in his life and whilst the above has been going on for the past 20 years he may have been disadvantaged or have these set backs, Sam has accomplished the following over the past 20 years:

1)      He started work for General Electric ( one of the biggest companies in the world) in their insurance department

2)      At the age of 19 he embarked on part time study at a local college and he got his Charted Insurance qualification

3)      Sam, at the age of 26, whilst still working full time, he managed to get a Masters Degree in Operations Management MsC whilst studying part time

4)      He attracted the most beautiful woman within three months of setting his goal to re-marry

5)      He built up a property business whilst still working valued at over £5million.

6)      Once he left work and concentrated  on his property business full time, he built up his empire to be valued at £25million

7)      He cured his younger daughter of Leukaemia and she only missed 8 weeks of school

8)      He is now earning over £10,000 a month easily and effortlessly

You can see that whilst Sam has had many difficulties in his, his attitude and mind set has turned every challenge into a positive benefit.  Now, I will share with you that all of the above is actually my life.  I myself have gone through all the above.  I now want to tell you how I did it.

Power of Thinking – The Law Attraction

What you must understand firstly, is that we all have challenges or difficulties to deal with.  I want to say that you can turn all these situations around by just THINKING and FEELING a positive outcome that you want in life.

People always worry about HOW things are going to happen and they don’t trust the universe at all.   Let me know give you a simple three step process that you can follow to accomplish ANYTHING you want in your life or to turn around anything you don’t like.

This is a review site: Click Here to Visit Enoch Tan’s Mind Reality – Secrets of the Universe Official Website

Step 1 – Recognise The Current Feeling

What you must first do, is to recognise the negative feeling or the lack or the discomfort in the pit of your stomach.  You have to recognise that you are worrying or have this rotten feeling. This step is the most important as people worry a lot and they stay with this feeling for hours and in some cases DAYS.  This is what is holding you back!!! The law of manifestation can not work with out this step.

Just observe yourself on how long you stay with this negative or worry thought.  Ask yourself a question, “Yesterday, how many times did I think about this problem?”

Step 2- Know Exactly the Positive Outcome You Want – About Law of Attraction

This is Law of Attraction in action – what you should start to understand is that you are not allowing any positive thoughts to enter your life when you are in a state of worry.  You must know exactly what you want.  If you don’t know what you want then how can the universe, god, life energy or the source give you back what you want. You have to spend some time thinking about what you want.  Be bold, be brave, go for what you WANT.  Think about exactly the outcome you are after.

1)      If you are short of money – know exactly how much you want and by when

2)      If you are ill or in pain – know that you have great energy and health

3)      If you are want a partner – know the details of the type of person you are after

4)      If you are anxious for an interview – know that the interview went well

5)      If you want that promotion – know that you have the promotion under your belt

I think you get the picture. Just know what you DO want.  Know what it looks like and define it.  The more exact you can be the better.  When I attracted my wife, I knew exactly what I wanted in a person, down to her looks, her personality and even her education.  I got exactly, what I wanted.

Step 3- Feel Your Way – The Law of Manifestation

Now that you have recognised the negative thought (step 1) and you know what you wantMind Reality Scam (step2)  – you just now need to get to a feeling place of your desired outcome. You must make sure that you feel the happy thought or the outcome you are after.  This FEELING is what you have to focus on. You must feel it, feel it and then feel it some more.

If you start to revert back to the negative thought (step 1) – you then know what you want (step 2) and then really FEEEEEELLLLL the outcome (step 3).  You may end up doing this a few times every hour but what I will say is that if you do this with 100% effort, the process after a day or so will become very easy.  The first day is the hardest, because of your past conditioning or habitual thinking.  Know what you want and then FEEL IT – mind reality.

Once you have felt it and you know that your mood has changed then let go of the outcome.  Do not start to think HOW is this going to happen.  What you need to be doing is to have complete detachment from the end goal.  The minute, you start to think HOW, you are then back to step 1.  Let go. Just treat this as a game and you will be amazed how simple this technique is and what wonderful things you will accomplish with least effort – reality creation secrets.

I have turned my life around and I practice this every day – I am just living every day with miracles in my life.  You too can be the same, if you spend time doing the actions on the three steps. This stuff really works!!!


You now have the tools to make anything happen in your life and you can easily turn around any situation you don’t want,  to a feeling place of a desired outcome.  Have the faith, follow the process and you will be shocked on how much you an accomplish with least effort.  You still have to take action towards your goals and dreams, but let your thoughts guide you to outcomes you WANT.  I know that you can do this and just keep thinking that Your Thoughts Become Your Reality  -  then start to observe what you are thinking every day – this is The Power of Law of Attraction..

Follow the steps and you too can have everything in life.  Just remember, life may still throw you a curve ball, a problem, a terrible situation or something unpleasant, but just know that you now have the tools to TURN AROUND that thing in to a POSITIVE outcome – the law of attraction through mind reality.

Summary Point

1)      Know that your thoughts become your reality

2)      Everybody has at some time or another been faced with a difficult situation and its how you deal with it that defines.

3)      Don’t let your current problems or worries hold you back, just like in my life, I have been faced with some real challenges but I overcome them all – Law of Attraction.

4)      Step 1 – Recognise your current thinking – know and realise the negative or bad thoughts you have.  Realising that you are in that mode of thinking is the key to Step 1.

5)      Step 2 – Know exactly what you want – make sure that you know exactly what you want and the more details you have the better.  Get really clear on your positive outcome.

6)      Step 3- Feel your way there.  Get in to the feeling of your outcome from step 2.  Really take time out and FEEL the outcome.  The longer you feel and the more times you feel the outcome then the quicker this will become a reality in your life – reality creation secrets.

7)      Finally, you can do anything in life if you just dare to dream and FEEL the dream.

Mind Reality

Check out this interview below of Will Smith on Law of Attraction – it is mind blowing!!

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Secrets about Mind Reality Scam – Law of Attraction



Learning about the “Law of Attraction” can be one of the grandest blessings you can receive in your life. When you learn the true “cause” of your experience of reality, and that you can actually ALTER that reality in any way that you wish, it opens a door of Infinite Possibility!

About Law of Attraction

After all, imagine that any level of wealth can be yours! Your life can be enriched withMind Reality Scam the most fulfilling relationships imaginable! You can spend your time doing only those things you love, and in return, experience abundance that seems impossible from the outside looking in!

However, too many people learn only the “basics” of the Law of Attraction, and as a result make common mistakes that make it appear as though this universal law does not apply to them, and in fact gives them results completely OPPOSITE of what they desire.

The Secret Law of Attraction

This is a review site: Click Here to Visit Enoch Tan’s Mind Reality – Secrets of the Universe Official Website

Let’s review what the Law of Attraction actually is. It’s deceptively simple: Energy attracts Like Energy.

Broken down a little more, this means that everything in this Universe (physical and non-physical) IS Energy that vibrates at various frequencies. And it is the nature of the vibrations of this Energy to “attract” themselves to vibrations of a similar frequency. In other words, one “cluster” of Energy attracts itself to other “clusters” of Energy in which it is in vibrational resonance.

This happens on both a very small and very large scale. For our purposes, we are talking about the very common idea that our “thoughts create our reality” – Reality Creation Secrets.

This simple statement leads to people making the following mistakes and assumptions, because while thought IS Energy, and it DOES attract, it’s not always so straightforward.

Broken down a little more, this means that everything in this Universe (physical and non-physical) IS Energy that vibrates at various frequencies. And it is the nature of the vibrations of this Energy to “attract” themselves to vibrations of a similar frequency. In other words, one “cluster” of Energy attracts itself to other “clusters” of Energy in which it is in vibrational resonance.

This happens on both a very small and very large scale. For our purposes, we are talking about the very common idea that our “thoughts create our reality” – this can also be called The Laws of Manifestation.

This simple statement leads to people making the following mistakes and assumptions, because while thought IS Energy, and it DOES attract, it’s not always so straightforward – again reality creation secrets.

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A Useful Article Based on Mind Reality



Law of Attraction

Every thing, whether tangible or intangible, in the manifested universe has two poles – the positive and the negative. This is the Law of Attraction in action.  In nature, the positive is dominant and the negative is submissive. This means that the positive is directive and the negative is receptive, just as is the positive anode of a battery and its opposite, negative cathode.

When it comes to you’re the Power of Law of Attraction, (mental world) your conscious mind is the positive and your subconscious mind is the negative. Your inner mental image is the positive and your outer manifested universe is the negative, and finally, your will is the positive and your desire is the negative.

Reality Creation Secrets – -his means that your conscious mind is intended to direct the messages passed to your subconscious mind for creation, your inner world mental images are intended to direct your outer world manifestations and not the other way round, and your will is intended to either direct and keep your heart’s desire in place or consciously choose not to desire it any more. Learn to abide by nature and let the positive dominate the negative.

About the Law of Attraction

In Mind Reality you will learn how to apply your mind power to consciously and intentionally create your reality – this is one of the secrets of Law of Attraction. The aim is to get you to really know yourself, the true nature of reality and the Laws that govern the Universe, so that you can begin to consciously direct your mind and ultimately, your life.

Reality Creation Secrets

Your mind is more powerful than perhaps you have ever dared to imagine.

Mind Reality Scam

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States of the Mind – Mind Reality



Medical science has identified four states of brain activity on an EEG-machine:


Your normal waking state, which is characterized by brain rhythms of 14 cycles per second and above. In this state your mind activity is a veritable can of worms. The higher the brain activity becomes, the greater the stress factor.


A very relaxed state of mind, characterized by brain rhythms of between 7 and 14 cycles per second. In this state of mind you are relaxed, somewhere halfway between being fully awake and asleep. Dreaming and daydreaming occur in the alpha state. Mind Reality.

The big difference between operating in alpha and beta is that in beta your mind is in control of yourself, whereas in alpha you are in control of your mind.


Usually the state of sleep, when not dreaming. Characterized by brain rhythms of between

Mind Reality Scam 3.5 to 7 cycles per second. The theta level is also reached in very deep forms of meditation where consciousness becomes separate from mind and body. It is all about mind power.




Very deep sleep or coma, characterized by a brain rhythm of between .5 to 3.5 cycles per second.  What is the power Mind Reality – this is where you are in a deep meditative state.

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